Given that I am choosing to take a more untraditional route (in much of today’s society) and “free birth” or have an unassisted birth, I have been receiving a lot of curiosity from my followers on social media about why I am choosing this. Here is why.

On the deepest level, the reason I am envisioning having a free birth is because it is what feels natural and intuitive to me. If I were to have turned off the chatter around me in society long ago and truly checked in with what felt right for me, I would have known this always. And as this is the way I now live, deeply in touch with myself, this is what feels true and right for me to do.

I understand and innately feel birth as a normal, physiological process. We are not taught how to poop or sneeze. Our bodies know what to do. There is no fret over them happening or not, or if we are doing them “right.” We see this in birth with other animals as well. There was no doula at the birth of my cat’s first litter of kittens. She followed all her innate instincts and birthed on her own, as is customary and normal. This is how I choose to birth. Like my innate, animal self. Following all my normal, human instincts.

I am so looking forward to sharing the journey of this beautiful being’s arrival with them, with me, and with the support of Conor in our home (or whatever beautiful, comforting place we happen to be when it all unfolds). Haha, probably in our home. But hey, if we happened to be on a walk in the woods and things happened surprisingly fast, that sounds magical too.

Honestly, it feels like the most natural, obvious thing, now that I have recognized this desire to birth freely.

Allowing and welcoming the natural physiological process of “labor” and “birth” to unfold as they will feels deeply resonant, satisfying, freeing, and real. It is so obvious to me, the more I sync into this knowing, that my body will complete this normal process, just as it does all the other physiological processes that being a human require. There is nothing I really need to do. And the best ways I can prepare are all the things I am doing regularly, in my daily life to become a more grounded, healthy, more self-loving, whole being.

I am an animal. I am a human animal and I am looking forward to birthing with my animal instincts and this sweet being’s, plus the added support of Conor, who knows, loves and supports us both beyond comprehension.

There are so many ways I keep coming back to this truth for me and I’m enjoying the unfolding of discovering new ones all the time. 

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