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Recorded Webinars

Webinar with Conor

Topic: Fear & Anxiety

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 8th @ Noon CST

Are you feeling fear and anxiety? Would you like understand it better and help those parts of you relax? We are currently experiencing the impact of globally elevated fear and anxiety on a level many of us have never witnessed before. We are energetic beings. We emit and we absorb energy. The fear and anxiety you may be overwhelmed by may not be entirely yours. Bringing awareness and compassion to fearful and anxious parts of your system will not only help you, it will emit healing and positively-transformative energy for the world. In this webinar Conor will discuss tools to integrate, soothe and bring compassion to our own anxiety and fears. This process will help you understand and heal trauma that may be at the root of anxiety and fear, while encouraging the development of mindfulness, peace and love.

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Webinar with Bridgette

Topic: Embracing the Menstrual Cycle, Healing Hormones and Gender Neutrality

In this webinar, Bridgette will be sharing her intimate journey with gender identity, embracing her menstrual cycle and finding hormone balance. Bridgette grew up confused about being in a female body and spent most of her life denying and suppressing her feminine. Combining this with becoming addicted to diet and exercise as a way to control her physical appearance and hide the discomfort of suppressing parts of herself, she manifested symptoms of ammenorhea and hormonal imbalance. She got what she thought she had been wanting all along.. .getting rid of her cycle. It’s so interesting how sometimes it takes extremes in one direction for us to be able to find health, happiness and balance within our being. Bridgette is excited to share more details about the journey to being a healthy, balance being in her masculine and feminine and how that has manifested in her hormones.

Webinar with Brittany

Topic: Jealousy in Relationships

In this webinar, Brittany will be sharing about her journey of healing through jealousy. Jealousy used to tear Brittany apart to the point that it felt like it was running her life and destroying her relationships with others, and even more so, her relationship with herself. Around 7 years ago, she dedicated herself to understanding jealousy and healing through the uncomfortable (often debilitating) emotions it brought up for her. Through the open, unstructured relationships she has experienced, with a great desire to dive deep into self awareness, Brittany has moved through jealousy in a way that she no longer fears it, but rather welcomes it as a friend and teacher when it arises in her life, which is a rare occasion. In this webinar she shares about tools that have helped her along the way, and how she believes a life of compersion is available for all.

Webinar with Conor

Topic: Addiction & Distraction

When we think of addiction, more often than not we think of things like drugs, alcohol, pornography, and sex. Rarely are we looking at the ways the things we do every day – things like watching television or movies, or staring at our computers or phones – can be addictions, as well. They are ripe for addiction, because they are distractions; and distraction is the foundation of addiction.

Of course there are infinite ways we distract ourselves. For the purposes of this webinar, we are going to talk about three of them: drugs, workaholism / perfectionism, and screens.

The steps for healing addiction to distraction are: identification, understanding, compassion, and, most importantly, presence.

In order to start this process, ask yourself the following questions:
What are the ways I distract myself?
Am I doing this consciously?
Am I aware when I am using distraction to avoid processing emotion?
Do I have compassion for my choices?
Can I envision a healthier option?
Can I use distraction consciously and with joy?

Webinar with Bridgette

Topic: Making Your Own Herbal Medicines & Natural Health Products

Today, we live in a time where manufactured medicines and prescriptions prevail. Even with all of these engineered options at our fingertips, many people find themselves turning back to the medicinal plants that started it all. Herbal remedies that have the ability to heal and boost physical and mental well-being. Plants are amazing healers and allies. They’ve been used for thousands of years to help support our bodies’ natural healing processes. In this webinar, Bridgette will share about harvesting your own local medicines, making teas and herbal concoctions, and how to create your own health products using essential oils.

Webinar with Brittany

Topic: How to Have an Autonomous Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Experience

Recorded on Wednesday, May 13th @ Noon CST

In this webinar, Brittany will share about her experience having an autonomous pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Brittany chose not to see any medical doctors during her pregnancy, she chose to birth Ilya at home without the assistance of a birth-worker, and she planned a supportive postpartum experience to follow Ilya’s arrival. She will talk about how to create your own autonomous pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, catered to whatever your desires are for your experience. All are welcome!

If you have not seen it yet and want to check out Ilya’s birth, you can put in your email to watch the birth for free here.

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