One of the most common questions we have received since announcing our pregnancy is, “are you going to vaccinate your child?” It seems that this can sometimes be a very sensitive topic that strikes a deep cord within people.

We love exploring important, sensitive topics in loving, all-inclusive ways. In this video, join Brittany as she interviews Chantel Quick about the topic of vaccinations. Chantel is a beautiful, caring human, a blogger, an avid researcher of vaccine information for over a decade, a natural, loving mama, and a good friend of ours.

We hope you find value in the information she shares in this video, and above all, hope that you feel empowered to make the choices that feel best for you and your child/children around vaccinations.

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The audio for this interview with Chantel Quick is also available as an episode on Brittany’s Podcast, “Let’s Get Real,” which you can check out below.

Connect with Chantel Quick
Podcast “Radicle Ruminations”:
Chantel’s Podcast Episode “Vaccines and real immunity with toxicologist Ashley Everly”:


Vaccination Resources

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*Celular vs Humoral Immunity:
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*Study: Polysorbate 80 (vaccine ingredient) crosses the blood brain barrier:


Video Minutes By Topic (Skip to Sections)

0:57: Intro & about Chantel
4:57: How are you feeling about sharing on the topic of vaccines?
6:21: When the topic of vaccinations, and specifically around vaccinating your child or not came up for you, what was your natural instinct around it?
8:31: As you did research and learned more, was there anything that changed how you felt about vaccines from your natural instinct to not vaccinate your son, Rahzi?
10:11: Can you share a bit about why you choose to not vaccinate your child?
12:07: A place where people can start if they are uncertain around what they want to do about vaccinating.
16:11: Natural immunity and cellular vs humoral immunity
20:01: Herd immunity
21:10: Nature vs. constructed allopathic western medicine system
24:03: The topic of vaccines is so complex and so nuanced. There’s a lot of layers and variables…
25:11: The risk in vaccination
27:50: Why do you think such resistance and fear can come up for people who choose to vaccinate and are feeling uncomfortable about others who choose to not vaccinate?
30:12: Feeling empowered and free vs. feeling dependent upon other’s decisions to feel like you or your child is going to be ok
33:25: Our ideas surrounding health and disease are really culturally influenced. (Understanding propaganda and how we are being influenced)
35:16: Looking at idea that everyone needs to be vaccinated for herd immunity
36:53: Are there activities that your son, Rahzi, is excluded from because he is not vaccinated?
38:50: Vaccinations are still in their experimental stage
43:22 – The blood brain barrier and vaccines that cross it
48:17: Where people can follow Chantel online

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