Our Best Event of the Year!

Join us in Chiang Mai, Thailand
January 10-15, 2019

The Thailand Retreat

Back and better than ever, this year, we will be enjoying all the great activities offered in previous years’ retreats, plus more excursions, more connection, more acro, a more intimate group, and more opportunities to grow together within our retreat community.

The intention behind this retreat is to provide a safe, compassionate place for self-exploration and growth. Bridging the gap between the individual and the tribe, the Thailand Retreat creates an opportunity to explore ourselves while being in authentic relation with others who are on this same journey.

The Retreat

We have space for 23 retreat members this year. In past years we have had as many as 33 attendees and after experiencing a smaller group at the 2018 Immersion, we found that the whole group seemed to benefit more from having a smaller group. Also, this year will be offering the retreat prior to the Fruit Winter Festival public meetups, so that that we can offer our full attention to the retreat participants and put more energy into the retreat while it is happening. We are excited to share with you this more intimate and potent experience for all of us to immerse ourselves in together this year.

A homey, community living space is provided with the purpose of offering a safe container for us to dive within, perhaps pushing healthfully beyond our comfort zones at times, as we learn more in the pursuit of uncovering our authentic selves and deepest hearts’ desires. We will be enjoying shared living, taking part in the benefits of sleeping, eating, playing, laughing, crying and growing alongside one another. Participants are often surprised at how quickly people that were strangers just a day or two before, start to feel like long-time friends.

This year more than ever we expect the retreat to be a space of deep transformation. If you choose to join us, be ready to have an epic growth experience.

The Accommodations

Located 15 minutes north of the Old City, on the ping river sits our beautiful retreat space, surrounded by greenery and fresh air. The retreat property is located near a market and stores, which are both within bike-riding distance (a number of bikes are provided). We will also have a planned market trip, plus excursions, taking us into the old city, and into nature.

We could not be more thrilled with this property, which consists of two main, nearily identical homes, which are both equipped with a number of shared rooms and bathrooms, full kitchens, a common living room, salt-water pools (100% chemical free!), a second-floor deck, and a large patio space. There is plenty of common outdoor space surrounding the house for retreat members to enjoy together. The space provides wifi, towels, linens and daily cleaning.

Below our homes, there is an open, grassy area where we will practice yoga, partner acro, and dance. There is also a covered gazebo, where members can retreat to and enjoy the river view.

The two large villas have 10 bedrooms total, which will house the 23 participants and 3 retreat organizers. There are 8 shared bathrooms. Each room consists of anywhere from 1-4 beds, housing 2-4 people. Upon registration, participants will choose if they prefer a single or a shared bed. If you choose to attend with someone that you want to share a space with, there will be an opportunity to specify that in your application.


The Activities

We are bringing back all the previous-years-favorite activities, plus adding in some new delights. What you can expect this year:

  • Pre-Retreat Participant Meetup & Transportation to the Retreat House
  • Yoga and Partner Acro classes
  • A Thai Massage Workshop
  • A Waterfall Excursion
  • Even More Authentic Relating Games & Connection Circles
  • Journaling workshop & Guided Meditation
  • A Special Presentation by Dr. Tumi Johnson
  • Nightly Community Dinners
  • A Movie Night & Talent Show
  • Impromptu Cuddle Puddles
  • Individual Thai Massage Available on Site
  • Post-Retreat 10-Day Free Public Festival

Full Body Health

Full body health is essential for anyone on this journey. In order for us to function our best and be able to do any type of growth we desire, we need to nourish ourselves with clean, satisfying food, move our bodies with joyful intention, to rest deeply and comfortably, and to grow in a safe, welcoming environment.

The Retreat House welcomes everyone of all dietary preferences, however we ask that you bring only plant-based food into the house during your time there. Each dwelling is equipped with a large kitchen, which will accomodate the 13 people that will be sharing each of them. We ask that you keep your space, both within your room, the kitchen, and other common areas, neat and clean, so that all may feel comfortable in our shared home during the duration of the retreat.

This is your retreat. We offer both structured activities and ample unscheduled time for any level of freedom you are craving. If you are craving more downtime than the schedule allows for, please honor yourself in taking any space you feel you need.

Our Involvement

Every year we make considerable upgrades to the retreat, based on feedback we receive from participants. This year, inspired by popular request, we are looking forward to enjoying more connection with all of the attendees, outside of our regular scheduled activities.

Thanks to the size of our new retreat home, will all be able to live in two main dwellings, creating a closer bond between Conor, Brittany & the admin team, and the retreat participants. We are looking forward to sharing accommodations this year, including a kitchen and dining space to enjoy meal times together, and community spaces where we can all relax and chill together on the property.


Check out these answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Event Upgrades

Are you wondering why the retreat is structured differently this year? We have made some big changes to the retreat for 2019, largely based on the valuable feedback from previous attendees, plus our own observations. We have twice the amount of events at the house, plus private excursions, and dedicating twice the amount of energy into running activities and holding space for the transformative growth of participants.

We love pouring our hearts into this event and put energy into the creation and constant-upgrading of it throughout the year in addition to the time during the retreat. We put a lot of intention into every part of the structure: the activities, the space, the pricing, down to the smallest details. We feel what we are offering deeply resonates with us and it is our desire that you choose to join us if you feel that it resonates with you as well.

Testimonials from 2018 Retreat Participants

Because of this experience, I believe that loving and authentic connection can be formed and I am taking with me tools to keep making that happen in my life.

I love you so much! This has been the most authentic experience of my whole life. I’ve never grown so much in such a short time and I’m loving it.

I enjoyed the space fostered to deepen relationships, learn from each other, and the endless opportunities to step out of our comfort zones.


With the intention to keep the Fruit House an intimate setting there are a limited number of spaces available.
The last years we sold out by the end of September, so we recommend buying your ticket before then.

Join Us After The Retreat at Fruit Winter Festival!

We would love to see you at the Thailand Retreat, and also at the public festival to follow!
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Fruit Winter Festival

6th Annual Event
January 15-24, 2019