Thailand Retreat Facilitators

Brittany Taylor, Retreat Organizer and Activity Facilitator

Brittany Taylor, Thailand Retreat & Fruit Winter Festival co-organizer and all around badass loves to play and enjoy life. She shares her radically alternative style authentic living on Instagram, Youtube and through her website. She is constantly pursuing self-growth and sharing her experience with others. She loves connecting with other beautiful badasses, especially at settlings like the Thailand Retreat, in addition to through social media and coaching, and helping them be more of their own, badass, authentic selves. 

Brittany can most frequently be found balanced upside down on another human’s body, out appreciating nature, engaged in deep conversation, practicing some form of deep, internal observation, or generally dancing about. Brittany’s desire is to keep discovering the most authentic version of herself, living life from a place of joyful abundance. She prides herself on living a somewhat out-of-the ordinary existence and encourages others to discover the extraordinary within themselves, uncovering what they are truly passionate about.

Brittany is super excited for this year’s 2019 Thailand Retreat, which she expects to be better than ever, and the 6th annual Fruit Winter Festival to follow. At the Thailand Retreat she will will be facilitating authentic relating games, partner acro classes, and more. 

Brittany on Instagram
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Conor and Brittany on YouTube

Conor McMillen, Retreat Organizer and Activity Facilitator

Conor McMillen, Chiang Mai’s Fruit Winter Festival (FWF) creator, is widely known as a YouTuber, artist, therapist, life coach, and all around badass human being. He loves connecting with himself and others and is passionately pursuing this through real relationships and a deep internal connection. His passion lies in finding this connection through art, various types of movement such as dance and partner acrobatics, touch, and through helping others, using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) modality of therapy.

In 2012 Conor visited Chiang Mai for the first time, encountering an amazing group of people that helped change his life. He decided to go back the following year to create the same life-changing atmosphere and share it with the world: thus birthed Fruit Winter Fest. Now in its sixth year, Conor is looking to expand that experience to encompass full body health, focused on connection, both with ourselves and others.

Conor aims to create love in all areas of his life. This, coupled with his desire for real relationships, is what Fruit Winter Fest is all about. Conor will be facilitating group activities together with Brittany at the Thailand Retreat and also at the public meetups to follow during FWF. Through authentic relating games, partner acro, and guided meditation,  he will help participants connect with themselves and one another.

Conor on Instagram
Conor on YouTube
Conor and Brittany on YouTube

Dr Tumi Johnson, M.D., Yoga Teacher and Special Guest Presenter

Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D. is a dancer, holistic medical doctor, yoga instructor, and the author of Delicious Healing. Tumi’s holistic medical practice is focused on helping people identify the underlying causes of their health issues and using her expertise to offer individualized holistic regimens that support people in achieving their most vibrant health.

As a dancer, Tumi creates and performs “poemdances,” dance pieces incorporating African and contemporary movement that are crafted from original poetry and intended to help the healing process of those who witness the dance. These pieces have been performed in France, Haiti, West Africa, Thailand, and throughout the U.S.

Tumi experienced transformative healing through shifting to her diet to raw living foods, incorporating a daily meditative practice and nurturing sensual simplicity into her life. She is dedicated to empowering others in their journeys of personal health, peace, beauty, and happiness.
Instagram: thepoemdances

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