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Delicious, Plant Based Recipes of Fruits & Veg

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The intention behind this creation is to offer you a recipe book that not only provides tasty, fun recipes to try out, but also guides you in learning how you can create such recipes on your own. The book is split into sections, each containing an explanation about the idea behind the type of food that is being presented and recipes to play around with. We are excited to share many of our favorite meals with you that are simple, healthy, and delicious. All the food showcased here is plant-based, mainly comprised of sweet and savory fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. There is no cooking involved in these recipes, and all food items can be prepared with minimal kitchen tools. 

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Introduction to Simple, Healthy Eating

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19+ Sweet & Savory Recipes

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Empowering Your Own Recipe Creation

Simple Sweet & Savory Recipes

Smoothies & Shakes

Mono-meals & Simple Combos

Ice Creams

Noodle Dishes

Wraps & Rolls

Salads & Dressings


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Simple Healthy Food

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