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We are creating this unique content based on what feels good for us. Our goal is to offer real, first hand sex education, to those who genuinely want to enhance their connections with their partners and themselves. We feel confident and excited about offering this, and also, feel that it is an intimate gift that we desire to be honored for. Our aim is not to have a ton of viewers, but rather, that those who are looking for helpful instruction from an experienced, loving partnership, have a place to find it.

We don’t know of any other content that exists like this and we are choosing to do things in a way that feels good for us. We have chosen a pricing system that feels comfortable for us and have a desire for you to understand it completely before making a purchase. Once paying either of the two below access fees, you will be able to view the thumbnails and in-depth video descriptions only. If you choose to purchase a video or multiple videos, it will be at an additional cost. Most of our sex ed videos are around an hour long and are priced at $30. We also have packages available. It feels extremely important to us that we share our intimate lives in a way that feels the most comfortable for us. We trust that with this knowledge you will be able to choose to move forward to make the best choices for you around the purchasing of our content.

I would like to express how amazing I think it is that you two are putting these videos out there. It’s so awesome that you have created this safe space for people to experience all of this with you. It feels so amazing to watch and learn from you two wonderful beings.

Oh my goodness, the kissing video was beautiful and SO hot at the same time! Seeing you two connect like this, was very special for me to witness and I cannot wait to see what the other videos are like!

I finally got the chance to watch the pussy eating video and I wanted to say a great big THANK YOU!! I loved your specific descriptive language. I guarantee this makes some really sexy and enjoyable differences in my life.

How To Have a Non-Ejaculatory Full Body Orgasm

Have you ever wanted to experience the enjoyment of having an orgasm without of ejaculating? Have you ever wondered if you or your partner could experience multiple orgasms? Today we share our tips on how Conor experiences this very thing, and how Brittany helps!  Why...


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