Sex Ed with Conor and Brittany

We are thrilled to be sharing our passion for sex and sex positivity with the world! While we have a number of sex education videos on our public YouTube channel, we have been eager to create this space,  where we can dive deeper into sex ed, and share theory in action with all of you in a more intimate, real way. We invite you to come inside and explore your own sexual experiences alongside us. 

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  • Get up close and personal with Conor and Brittany as they explore topics such as oral sex, fingering, masturbation and more!
  • Watch theory in action as Conor and Brittany dive into sex ed up close and personal with you
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I would like to express how amazing I think it is that you two are putting these videos out there. It’s so awesome that you have created this safe space for people to experience all of this with you. It feels so amazing to watch and learn from you two wonderful beings.

Oh my goodness, the kissing video was beautiful and SO hot at the same time! Seeing you two connect like this, was very special for me to witness and I cannot wait to see what the other videos are like!

I finally got the chance to watch the pussy eating video and I wanted to say a great big THANK YOU!! I loved your specific descriptive language. I guarantee this makes some really sexy and enjoyable differences in my life.


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