Recommended Products

Conor and Brittany have personally owned and recommend all of the products on this page. They have also developed affiliate relationships with most of these companies, so by purchasing products through this page you will be supporting them as well!

Xero Shoes

Conor and Brittany have owned the Amuri Cloud design for 3 years as their primary footwear and love them! Enjoy the fun and freedom of letting your feet move the way nature intended. Lightweight, flexible, super comfortable. Browse sandals and shoes.

Charm Comforter

A perfectly plush, plant-based duvet. Silk-soft and hypoallergenic shell made from natural eucalyptus fibers (lyocell). A warm but breathable fill (microfiber) selected for maximum loft. Machine Washable and comes with Lifetime Warranty.
Use discount code “brittany” at checkout for $25 off the comforter + free shipping!

Simple Asian Mat/Matress

Conor and Brittany have been loving their full-size version of this simple, Asian, roll-out matress. Coming in twin, full, and queen sizes and costing under $100 for the full, they find it the perfect option for their desire for a simple, yet super comfortable sleeping serface that is as close to ground-dwelling as possible.

L. Plant-Based Condoms

L. makes plant-made condoms that are low scent, sensitive on skin and made with high quality ingredients, without harmful chemicals. They also make tampons and pads.

Tom Bihn Synapse 19

Conor and Brittany have both been traveling and living out of this 19-liter bag for a number of years and have nothing but great things to share about it. They highly recommend checking it out, along with the other products made by this high-quality company.


Badass, natural, plant-based products by an awesome company. I particularly love their soap nuts, which are dried fruit berries from the trees of the Sapindus Mukorossi and make a great all-natural laundry detergent. Learn more about these berries and other great products from Yoreganics!

Eagle Creek Packing Cube

There are a plethora of awesome packing cubes now-days, including some that are more lighweight and compact than this one. However, the reason this packing cube is awesome is because it is double sided. It is also referred to has the “half” or “medium” sized packing cube.

Deuter ACT Trail 28L SL

When she began her minimalist journey, Brittany started by living out of this backpack full time and fell in love with the design. It is comfy to wear, has ample space, and she particularly loves the way you can load the bag from the top or open it up and load it from the bottom, like a suitcase that zips open. They now make other sizes and colors, with both “male” and “female” shaped bodies in mind. 30 Liter | 32, 34, 38 Liters.

Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag

This small and simple toiletry bag is plenty big for two, natural hygiene minimalists to carry all their products and have extra space to spare. The hanging feature, plus the abundance of pockets are ideal. Plus, it’s easy to wash.

JBL Clip External Speaker

Conor and Brittany love this small, yet powerful speaker, which they have been traveling the world and rocking out with for the past few years. They love that it clips conveniently to hang on things for optimal sound spreading and that it charges with a USB. It connects via bluetooth, or with it’s short AUX cable and comes in a variety of colors.

Menstrual Cup

BPA free menstrual cup on Amazon. There are a bunch of great options out there, and a ton on Amazon. This is the one Brittany bought (the pink one) and has been enjoying using for the last year+. Before that she had a diva cup, which she enjoyed, but felt was a little too large for her. This one sits much better. 

Shimono Peelers

This set of three peelers is amazing for peeling and noodling vegetables and fruits. They are a great price for the three peelers, and keep happy users in supply of delicious cucumber and zucchini noodles. Plus, they are small and easy to travel with, unlike a large spiralizer.

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