Hey Brittany,

Ive watched a lot of your Youtube videos and think you are awesome. ( Conor too )

I had a question for you…

I’m a 30 y/o straight male and I have been recently getting into Acro Yoga, I have done probably 8 classes/jams and I’m finding that randomly with 1 on 1 jam/practices with cute girls I get pretty turned on if I’m not careful during the easier poses or with base love. The only time I ever got semi hard was in a warm-up with some cute girls climbing on/around me… I know its probably understandable in that case but I kind of get worried asking someone in the community here about it because I don’t want them to take it the wrong way.

In your experience, what is the acro communities stance on this? Is it understood that during ‘base love’ or thai massage after class that an erection might happen or possibly during 1 on 1? I cant imagine I am alone here…

I just wonder because I am a bit more sensitive to getting turned on than normal. I guess I need to keep my mind on task and not let it wander….


Really appreciate any answer and hopefully one day I can say hi in real life,


Britt’s Answer

It’s great to hear from you. Thanks so much for reaching out about this. I’m honored that you value my thoughts on this.

I love that you have been getting into acro. It’s the best! I can really understand what you are sharing about, and how getting turned on could be coming up for you in acro play. Conor and I talked about this a little, reflecting on our experiences, after I got this email from you. It was helpful to have another perspective on it. 

What we have both noticed is how sexual thoughts and desires can begin to permeate into other areas of our lives more than usual (especially related areas where we may be sharing touch or intimacy) when our sexual needs are not being satiated to our desire. This isn’t super common for either of us, but we feel like we have been able to remember a couple times when it was coming up and we felt elements of turn on coming into our acro space with others.

I’ve also played with a base more recently who I used to have a sexual relationship with, and there are times when he will get turned on during our play together when we do certain moves, or get into a playful space. It has felt comfortable for us to talk about, as we are close friends and have good communication in place. It feels normal that this could come up, and it is able to be a comfortable part of our time together when it does.

I can definitely understand turn on coming up more during the massage portion of classes. In Thai massage, which we get a lot in Thailand, this comes up sometimes too. 

What you shared about “keeping your mind on task” really resonates with me. I think I generally don’t get turned on in acro (unless Conor is naked while we are playing at home and I’m whipping through his legs- hard to not think about things then), because the moves that I am flying require all of my focus. I love this really intentionally focused space of acro. It’s a kind of meditation for me. It feels like “being in the zone” and in the zone, there’s no space for other distractions. I could see playing around with really focusing your attention into the minute details of the poses and moves you are working on to be beneficial as an exercise for your mind and one that will probably help advance your acro practice more quickly too!

Outside of that, maybe checking in about how you feel your sexual needs are being met, and if that’s an area where you desire more attention and care may be a good place to explore as well.

Meanwhile, I feel like this all makes a lot of sense. I’m really excited for your acro journey. And your journey getting to know yourself better in all realms!

I hope this is helpful. Sending you tons of love!