Webinar with Brittany – Jealousy (Recorded Video)


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Join Brittany for a Webinar

This webinar was recorded on: Wednesday, April 22nd at 12pm

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Webinar Topic: Jealousy in Relationships
In this webinar, Brittany will be sharing about her journey of healing through jealousy. Jealousy used to tear Brittany apart to the point that it felt like it was running her life and destroying her relationships with others, and even more so, her relationship with herself. Around 7 years ago, she dedicated herself to understanding jealousy and healing through the uncomfortable (often debilitating) emotions it brought up for her. Through the open, unstructured relationships she has experienced, with a great desire to dive deep into self awareness, Brittany has moved through jealousy in a way that she no longer fears it, but rather welcomes it as a friend and teacher when it arises in her life, which is a rare occasion. In this webinar she shares about tools that have helped her along the way, and how she believes a life of compersion is available for all.

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