Webinar with Bridgette – Hormone & Gender – (Recorded Video)


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Recorded: Wednesday, April 15th at 12pm (noon) Central Time for 40 minutes

Webinar Topic: Embracing the Menstrual Cycle, Healing Hormones and Gender Neutrality 
In this webinar, Bridgette will be sharing her intimate journey with gender identity, embracing her menstrual cycle and finding hormone balance. Bridgette grew up confused about being in a female body and spent most of her life denying and suppressing her feminine. Combining this with becoming addicted to diet and exercise as a way to control her physical appearance and hide the discomfort of suppressing parts of herself, she manifested symptoms of ammenorhea and hormonal imbalance. She got what she thought she had been wanting all along.. .getting rid of her cycle. It’s so interesting how sometimes it takes extremes in one direction for us to be able to find health, happiness and balance within our being. Bridgette is excited to share more details about the journey to being a healthy, balance being in her masculine and feminine and how that has manifested in her hormones.

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