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This thirty day program, based in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy has been created for you, designed to guide you in developing self-knowledge on your own through journaling, meditation, reading, videos, and exercises. In committing to an hour a day for thirty days, you will gain a firm foundation in connecting with yourself, a sturdy background in methods to create compassion for yourself, and a solid understanding of what self love truly means and how to access it. Filled with meditations and exercises, you will gain tools for reflection and compassion to take beyond these thirty days and integrate in your everyday life.

What You Get
Thirty pages of content
Daily itinerary
Six candid, encouraging videos
Two guided meditations
Forty-five pages of reading material
Twenty-two exercises

This thirty day program has been designed to help you get inspired, stay motivated, and instill a relentless passion for self love. By investing in yourself in this way, you are not simply completing a program for thirty days, but taking a giant step on a life-long journey of self discovery, knowledge, and love.

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