Sex Ed Video Access




This product gives you access to Conor and Brittany’s growing library of exclusive sex ed videos, where they explore topics like oral sex, fingering, prostate stimulation, self-pleasure and more in theory and in action.

Each video starts with Conor and Brittany talking about the topic at hand, then dives into them intimately exploring it on camera while still instructing, followed by their full on enjoyment of the activity at hand, inviting you to watch them in their sex play to gain a full-on sex ed visual. The videos wrap up with Conor and Brittany coming back together with all of you to share about how the experience felt for them.

Upon purchase of this item, you will be granted access to the Sex Ed Video Library, where you can see a thumbnail taken from each video, plus a detailed description of what to expect from each video.

Most Sex Ed videos are priced at $30 each and our package of 6 is available for $99 (valued at $155).

New videos will be added to the Sex Ed library on the first of every month.

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