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Praise for Brittany and Conor

Fellow humans sharing the love

You guys truly light up the world with the love that you are! This is the kind of content that will help connect all of us to our hearts. You inspired me to keep going on my journey towards being and sharing love… thank you And I LOVE both of your new looks!! You look stunning and free as who you are right now in this moment
Shir L

When I watch the two of you together, I have this feeling of happiness for you both, that you found each other and that you found self love in this lifetime. I feel your peace and joy and it’s easy to tell that you have the tools in place to deal with emotions that are going to come up. Your love for one another is so evident and it makes me smile. It makes me so happy to know that this kind of loving relationship exists and I enjoy watching your journey.
Sherri L

You guys are so beautiful together. Being authentic and supportive of one another and coming from a non judgmental place. Being empathetic and relating to one another and giving each other what you need while still being authentic to yourselves. It is so beautiful it brings tears of joy to my eyes when I see you together. Love you both.
Tammie T

Don't Be Shy