Membership FAQ

Have questions about your membership? Find answers here.

How much is the monthly membership? 

Full Access Membership is $19.99 per month, plus a $10 sign up fee. So basically, it is $29.99 for the first month and $19.99 each month after that.

When will I be charged payment?

You will be charged the monthly membership price plus the sign up fee the day you purchase the membership, and then $19.99 each month, on the same day of your sign-up. So you are charged a month after you sign up, a month after that, and so on. You are not charged on the first of the month, unless that is the day you signed up.

When is new content loaded?

New content is loaded on roughly the 1st and the 15th day of every month, sometimes give or take a day or two. We tend to release about 3-4 membership videos mid-month, and then 3 more, plus extra content on the 1st of every month. We tend to put out one sex ed video each month as well.

I can’t play videos on my phone. What can I do?

Once you are successfully logged in to your account on your phone, make sure when you open a new tab to copy the url you want to view, that your browser is not set to private. If your browser is set to private (bottom left hand corner of your screen), the membership info that you have just logged in with will not be transferred, and you will commonly get a message saying that you are not allowed to view the content on the new page.

I’m having trouble with playing the videos. What can I do?

If you are having issues with playback, there are a few things you can try to resolve the problem:
1. Exit the player and re-click the link, or refresh the page.
2. Restart your device.
3. Check your internet connection to ensure you have a strong enough signal to stream video.
4. If the issue persists, run this speed test and send us an e-mail at with the reference ID numbers that appear at the end. At that time, please provide us with the following information: 
-Your internet service provider
-The make/model of your device


What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Although, we recommend waiting until the last day of your 30-day subscription to cancel, so that you can get the most out of your month of viewing.
To cancel, go to My Account, click on Subscriptions, then click “view” to the right hand side of your subscription transaction information. Click the “Cancel” button on the next page. This will cancel your subscription right away. This is also where you can change your payment method. If you have any trouble with this, you can email us at, and we can help cancel your membership.


What does the ‘Pending Cancellation’ status mean?

This means that you have successfully cancelled your account and will not be charged again. The system waits to cancel your access completely until the end of the cycle, so that you can enjoy your full month of membership. However, we have disabled this feature, due to a technical error that was coming up, so if you are experiencing this status, please let us know at


How do I find out what day I will be charged on?

Go to My Account and click on Subscriptions. Here you will see some basic Full Access Membership transaction information, including the next day that you will be charged.


How do I change my membership payment method?

Go to My Account, click on Subscriptions, then click “view” to the right hand side of your subscription transaction information. Click the “Change Payment” button on the next page. Here you can input your new billing information.


I purchased a sex ed video and no longer have the email with the link to it. How can I view it?

Log into your account.
Click on “orders” (you can also click on “my purchases” on the blue navigation bar). Both will take you here.
Click on “view” next to the order you want to view.
Click on the link in the content area that pertains to the video you purchased, which will follow the words “VIEW VIDEO HERE”
Following this link will direct you to the page to view the video you purchased.


If I have more questions, where can I direct them?

If you have technical difficulties, you can write to You can also write to us at This is also a great place to send us testimonials or feedback that we can use for future promo and to make the membership experience more awesome for you!


Thank you all for your interest in our membership site! We are so grateful you are here and look forward to connecting with you more!