Members Exclusive Access: FAQ

How much is the monthly membership?

Full Access Membership is $19.99 per month, plus a $10 sign up fee. So basically, it is $29.99 for the first month and $19.99 each month after that.

When will I be charged payment?

You will be charged the monthly membership price plus the sign up fee the day you purchase the membership, and then $19.99 each month, on the same day of your sign-up. So you are charged a month after you sign up, a month after that, and so on. You are not charged on the first of the month, unless that is the day you signed up.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. If you do want to cancel, we would recommend keeping it for the full month so that you can enjoy the content that you have paid for. For example, if you just want to try membership out for a month, we would recommend setting a calendar reminder for yourself to cancel just before the next time you would be charged, so that meanwhile you can access the content you paid for all month.

To cancel, go to My Account, click on Subscriptions, then click “view” to the right hand side of your subscription transaction information. Click the “Cancel” button on the next page. This will cancel your subscription right away. This is also where you can change your payment method.

What does the ‘Pending Cancellation’ status mean?

This means that you have successfully cancelled your account and will not be charged again. The system waits to cancel your access completely until the end of the cycle, so that you can enjoy your full month of membership.

How do I find out what day I will be charged on?

Go to My Account and click on Subscriptions. Here you will see some basic Full Access Membership transaction information, including the next day that you will be charged.

How do I change my membership payment method?

Go to My Account, click on Subscriptions, then click “view” to the right hand side of your subscription transaction information. Click the “Change Payment” button on the next page. Here you can input your new billing information. 

When is new content loaded?

New content is loaded on the 1st day of every month. We will have new videos available in both our membership video area and our sex ed video area. We will also have new nude and semi-nude galleries available.

If I have more questions, where can I direct them?

You can write to us at This is also a great place to send us testimonials or feedback that we can use for future promo and to make the membership experience more awesome for you!

Thank you all for your interest in our membership site! We are so grateful you are here and look forward to connecting with you more!

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