Have you ever thought about trying an open relationship? Perhaps you and your partner have been playing around with the idea. Or maybe just one of you is intrigued. We know two such people who started talking about this years ago, and who have experienced a huge evolution in their relationship since.

We are so honored and excited to have Megan and Joey on for this extended interview about their relationship, and the many evolutions it has gone through. In this video, they share about what lead them to switch up their monogamous relationship and try having an open relationship. They talk about why they chose to do this, how it went, what they could never have planned for, and how they have grown from it. They also share about their experiences living together and on their own, and how that has changed in various ways throughout their dynamic relationship and the number of places they have lived.

We are so grateful that Megan and Joey were interested in sharing openly about their journeys in this realm, so that others could benefit from their experiences. It was such an honor to get to film this with them, and to get to be around them. We really love them as individuals and as a partnership and are honored to have their energy and story on our channel. We hope you enjoy!