Brittany, thank you for sharing this and for helping me to get a different perspective on this. I am also on a journey of self discovery and of healthy living. I have been judgmental of others in the past about their choices that from my perceptive didn’t seem healthy or self loving. Having said that, what do you think about people’s choices that affect not just themselves but also the environment and other beings such as animals (basically i’m talking about consuming animal products)? Because I definitely struggle with judgement in this area as well.

[Question posted on this video from Britt’s Channel, entitled “Do I smoke or Drink?” ]


Brittany’s Answer

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing here and for reaching out about this. Gosh, I think this is such a great question and topic, and a really beautiful space to feel into. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring what was birthed here. Here’s a long response for ya…

For me, living in alignment comes down a lot to a feeling space inside of me. In this space, things feel pretty simple. Am I feeling openhearted, loving, abundant? Or am I feeling closed off, resistant, and not open to giving or receiving love?

In recent years I’ve played around a lot with the idea of unconditional love and what it means to me, how I want to give and receive it. I’ve also had the adventure of having a really diverse life. One that has been filled with tons of color and tons of what you could call opposites maybe, but I think of it as growth, exploration.

I grew up eating dairy and some meat, I used to have monogamous partnerships, I once thought not shaving was repulsive, I littered because I felt like it was a way to rebel when I was unhappy, I blamed and shamed, and did many “ugly” things. And I was loved. And I wasn’t. Because that was what I was taught, and that is what my caregivers had learned. And I would see shame creep into their experiences, when they would talk about their bodies, or resistance around money, fear around jealousy in partnership.

The topics changed, but the feelings didn’t. When I felt in alignment, in love with life, I was happy, I radiated joy, and that is what I shared and created in the world. When I felt the opposite, the energy I shared felt toxic. And I noticed the same thing from those around me.

I have since met many people. All of them beautiful. All of them in different parts of their lives. And I continue to meet myself. I have met humans with the kindest hearts I’ve ever experienced, who create and spread more love and positivity, elevating the world to new heights, and more health in the world than most, and many of these humans eat dairy or meat. Or have large houses or vehicles, which require a lot of resources to run. I have met people who identify as vegans or environmentalists who speak cruel words towards others, who often live in a place of anger, who are sharing a message that feels smothered in fear and non-acceptance.

There is no way to judge any philosophy as a whole, any group, any action, any habit. And as far as I have experienced, there is no joy in the judgement either. What I know to be true is that there is creation, and it’s happening every moment of every day, and we create from the space that we are in. I feel like I create from the energetic place I am in. When I connect with others from a loving space, together we create more love. We come together and collaborate. Views shift naturally in the direction of each person’s innate alignment, what they are looking for and needing along their path in that very moment.

I know for me there is no way to know what I need until it is happening, and no way for anyone else to know what is best for me either. I believe we are all perfect, exactly as we are, exactly where we are in our journeys. And that the most enjoyable, swift path to all the beautiful things most beings truly desire (world peace, co-existence, a clean earth, enlightenment, a pure-loving, epic life for every individual) is to be that love, right here, right now.