Hey beautiful people! I hope you’re doing well ?

I have an important question for y’all. We talk a lot about rejection, fear of being rejected, etc, but today I want to ask you- how do you reject people?

I gather there are no fixed phrases and with every person it’s unique, however, I am somebody who gets really protective of their territory and at the same time, is not sure how to protect it in a decent, respecting and positive way. I am asking you to simply get an idea of the main principle in which it is appropriate to communicate such feelings without hurting the person unnecessarily.

Thank you all so much for your presence and engagement!


Brittany’s Answer


I’m so glad you are sharing about this topic. I think it’s a beautiful one to be exploring and hearing from others about here. I’m curious about this too.

I’ve been sharing my authentic feelings with people much more openly in the last year and it’s been a potent, intense, rewarding journey into my emotional world. I’ve noticed how, with the sharing my attraction for others becoming very natural, and in feeling more comfortable and welcoming of any possible response, a desire to share my true responses with others who reach out to share their attraction with me in the same way.

There are some elements that I’ve found feel really good for me to focus on. One of them is sharing the genuine gratitude I tend to feel when someone opens up to me in this way, and shares their feelings for me. It feels so good to receive, and I love letting them know that. I usually notice a desire to honor their time and energy, and tell them that, along with a desire to be open with them about what is real for me. I recently shared space with someone and received a message from them after, sharing their desire to link up again. I was not feeling the same desire. My message was something like this:

“Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your appreciation for the space we shared together. I enjoyed our time together and it feels really nice to receive your reflections and desire to link up again. I really value you and want to honor your time and energy and feel that I want to let you know that I’m not feeling the pull to link up again right now. I feel sensitive to how this may feel for you to receive and really care about anything you may be feeling. Thank you for being such a quality person. I am appreciating you and feeling a lot of love for you.”


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