I LOVE having internal orgasms. There is nothing quite satisfying in that same way as cumming, while being penetrated and having my g-spot stimulated. Mostly, I love to do this with Conor, while we are having intercourse, and the head of his penis is hitting my g-spot, way up insde of my vagina.

We hear from a lot of people who want to experience these types of orgasms, either for themselves, or for their partners. Clitoral orgasms seem to be much more common, likely due to the easy-access of the clitoris and the amount of nerve endings that reside there, where as the g spot orgasm can sometimes be more elusive. While we know of many people with vaginas who share that they have had cum internally, that seems to be the exception. And this highly sought after experience is something we’d love to share the joy of with as many as are interested.

In this video, we dive into details about tips that we recommend trying out to help you find your/your partner’s g-spot and to stimulate it in a way that can induce an epic orgasm. Or more.

Topics that we cover are body positions that we have found helpful, the all important pelvic tilt, the deep penetration, which provides the important connection between the penis head and the g-spot, helpful information about rhythm, state of mind, and more!

Check out this 16-minute video and hear us explain all of this, with the hopes that you will enjoy it and feel more empowered to play around with your own vagina, or your partner’s with more confidence, knowledge and excitement than ever before!

Want even more instruction!? We have created a full hour-long video on this topic, which not only dives deeper into the theory behind how to have an epic internal orgasm, but where we show us up-close and person, demonstarting all of the tips that we talk about, then get into our own sex play, where you can see Brittany experiencing these orgasms in action.

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Meanwhile, here’s the 16-minute video from OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!