Have you ever wanted to experience the enjoyment of having an orgasm without of ejaculating? Have you ever wondered if you or your partner could experience multiple orgasms? Today we share our tips on how Conor experiences this very thing, and how Brittany helps! 

Why a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm?

One question that may be coming to your mind is, “why?” What are the benefits of a full-body, non-ejaculatory orgasm, as opposed to an ejaculatory one. There are many reasons why someone may enjoy mixing it up in this way. For one, it feels quite nice. It also allows you to tap into another sensual, softer space than a typical ejaculatory orgasm. In addition, the sensations that can be experienced are much different, and can be felt throughout the whole body. And multiple times in a row. Many people feel that ejaculating can leave you feeling spent. We see this as a pleasant experience and release, and also agknowledge that sometimes we may be desiring to continue experiencing that sweet energy we cultivated, as opposed to literally expelling it. With a non-ejaculatory orgasm, you focus on bringing the energy up, and allowing it to spread throughout the body, so as the sensations and even the orgasms are experienced, the energy remains within the body, pleasantly dispursed to leave you feeling satisfied.

Tips for achieveing a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

1. Stimulate A Larger Area

We’ve noticed how often times when people think of blow jobs, they associate it with focusing the attention strictly on the penis. This is great, and also there is so much more to explore! With the number of nerve endings in the entire pubic area, including the scrotum, under-ball area, the anus, the base of the penis, plus the larger surounding area, involving the inner thighs, hips, belly and even nipples, there is a lot of ground that can be covered to begin stimulating while sharing oral sex. We like to open things right up and get to touching and massaging all around. 

2. Focus on Your Breathing

While beginning to stimulate the area around the penis, and maybe evening touching it gently, Conor also begins to focus on breathing into his belly. He uses his breath to create a rhythm, which he can feel throughout his whole body, connecting his awarness with his genitals and the sensations as the ripple throughout.  

3. Bring the Energy Up

Once establishing this breath connection and rhythm, as the sensations begin to build, Conor begins bringing the energy up from his genital area, pulling it through the rest of his body. During this time, he may be stimulating himself with touch, or Brittany may be doing it alongside him. The touch does not matter as much as the connection to the breath and the movement of this energy. We have found that in the beginning it can be a useful tool to use sexual touch, however it is not necessary for this to be a primary focus, or even a focus at all.  

4. Relax and Enjoy the Sensual Experience

This practice is about sensuality, and tapping into the various pleasant feelings as you experience them. We invite you to allow yourself to dive into them as they begin to arise. Bring awareness to them, and relax into the sensations. A balance of relaxation with the build of the internal stimulation is key to be able to have a final release, whereby the pleasant sensations creshendo in an orgasmic burst, which, instead of being expressed through an ejaculation, is experienced througout the body, as the energy is continued to be pulled up and felt throughout.  

5. Enjoy the Process Regardless of the Outcome

Sometimes when trying out a new practice, it can feel frustrating while we are learning. We invite you to take this as a special time to get to know your body in a new way, and to aim to cultivate a space for yourself around this, which is free of expecation. With this level of enjoyment and relaxed awareness, over time the natural progression is for the practice to lead to a non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasm, or many. However, not having that as a necessary goal makes it a much likelier outcome over time. Plus, it will make the journey towards it even sweeter.  

Check out this video for more tips along with Conor and Brittany’s personal experiences on non-ejaculatory orgasms.

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