Healing Jealousy

Healing and Growing Through Deep Self-Understanding

Program by Brittany Taylor and Other Collaborators

The Team Behind The Program

Brittany is honored to have collaborated with truly amazing beings to bring you this program. Enjoy content from Conor McMillen, Dr. Tumi Johnson, Neža Slak, as well as other contributors, who share their wisdom and hearts in Healing Jealousy, all featured in various sections throughout the program. 

Gain Access To…


9 Sections of Growth

Split into 9 sections, this program takes you on an in-depth journey to exploring, understanding, and healing your jealousy


22 Exercises for Self Growth

Put what you are learning to practice with exercises designed especially to guide you along your own unique journey inward


Raw Processing Videos

Up-close and personal videos of raw processing in action with both Brittany and Conor

You Are Not Alone

Join Brittany, Conor, Tumi, Neza and more collaborators as they dive into this intimate topic together, sharing wisdom and personal experience


Personal Journal Entries

Read relevant entries from Brittany’s journal, sharing various parts of her own journey with jealousy

Interviews & Stories

Connect with other jealousy growth-junkies through their shared audio interviews and personal written stories

“This program is phenomenal. It brought so many realizations reading through the reflections and exercises. And just feeling so calm and peaceful and nurtured by everything in it. It’s full of so much love and brilliance.”

Program Contents

Truly created with you in mind, this program is for anyone who has ever experienced jealousy and wished they didn’t have to. Whether you are wanting to grow within your relationship with yourself, friends, family members, or romantic relationships of any kind, you are welcome here.

This online program is divided into nine sections, guiding you through the process of understanding your jealousy, feeling into what it is made up of and creating space to process, nurture, and love yourself into alignment with what you are most desiring.

The various sections of Healing Jealousy include the main written content, which guides you through the program, plus a ton of exercises, intimate journal entries from Brittany’s real-life experience, videos with Brittany and Conor, audio interviews and personal stories from guest collaborators.

Check out the Table of Contents to get a greater sense for details on what this program includes.

Full Program Table of Contents

Part I: Introductions and Intentions

Video: Welcome!
How to Use This Program
What You Will Need
Who Am I?
Setting Your Intentions
Exercise 1: Setting Your Intentions

Part II: Understanding Your Jealousy

The Heartbreak of Jealousy: A Personal Tale From Brittany’s Life
Defining Jealousy
Exercise 2: What is Your Definition of Jealousy?
Preparing to Describe Our Inner World With Words
A Tool for Understanding And Describing Our Inner World: Parts Language
Understanding Parts and Parts Language With Expert Conor McMillen
How to Apply Parts Language When Feeling Into or Talking About Jealousy with Conor McMillen
Video: An Interview with Conor About Parts Language
What is Jealousy Actually? Getting Intimate with YOUR Jealous Feelings
Exercise 3: What is Jealousy Actually? Identifying the Variety of Emotions You Are Feeling
What is Not Actually Jealousy?
Exercise 4: What is Not Your Jealousy? (What is Not The Fear?)
If Jealousy Weren’t In Your Vocabulary
Exercise 5: Removing “Jealous/Jealousy” From Your Vocabulary
Video: An Interview with Conor About Jealousy & His Story

Part III: Holding Space and Self-Care

Jealousy Arising Due To Unmet Needs: An Excerpt from Brittany’s Journal
The Feeling of Emotions
What Does “Holding Space” Mean?
Exercise 6: Holding Space for Yourself
Video: Holding Space for Yourself
The Importance of Self-Care
Jealousy and Self-Care
Routine Self-Care Practices
Targeted Self-Care Tools
Exercise 7: Your Current Self-Care Practices
Exercise 8: Self-Care Tools To Embrace
Audio: Self-Care and Jealousy in Partnership: An Interview with Dr. Tumi Johnson
Video: Green Eyes: A Poem Dance by Dr. Tumi Johnson
Refining Your Unique Care
Exercise 9: Checking In One More Time With Yourself
Integrating New Self-Care
Exercise 10: Creating Special Time for You
Holding Space for Others
Exercise 11: How Do You Want Others to Hold Space For You?
Exercise 12: Holding Space For Another
Exercise 13: Reflecting on Holding Space for Another
Brittany’s Story of Jealousy, Worthlessness and Reflection on Learning From These Emotions

Part IV: When Jealousy Strikes: Diving Deeper

When Does Your Jealousy Arise?
Exercise 14: Identifying Trends in Your Jealous-Feeling Experiences
Tools for Jealous Moments
Exercise 15: Creating a Jealousy Tool Kit
Exercise 16: Using Your Tool Kit
Jealousy, Self-Care and Compersion: An Interview with Neža Slak
Holding Space for a Jealous Partner or Loved One
Exercise 17: Practicing Holding Space For Someone Triggered By You
Exercise 18: Reflecting On Holding Space For Someone Triggered By You
Video: Holding Space for Someone Triggered By You with Brittany and Conor

Part V: Compersion: Tapping Into Your Natural Joy For Others

Compersion at Ecstatic Dance: An Excerpt from Brittany’s Journal
What is Compersion?
Exercise 19: When Do You Naturally Feel Compersion?
Finding Compersion Where Jealousy Lies
Exercise 20: A Practice in Welcoming Compersion
Because it Feels So Good!
Brittany’s Story of Compersion Flowing Naturally in Big Moments

Part VI: Jealousy and Compersion in Polyamorous Relationships

Non-Traditional Relationships
Supporting Your Partner Where They Are

Part VII: Celebrating and Continual Growth

Celebrating Your Journey
Exercise 21: Gratitude
Exercise 22: A Special Celebration

Part VIII: Stories From Fellow Growth-Junkies

Audio: An Interview with Ted Carr on Jealousy in Polyamory
Written Stories by Various Authors

Part IX: Thank You

Video: Congratulations!
More Resources

Words of Inspiration from the Program

When we create space to engage in exercises such as the ones we have been completing in this program, where we are observing and understanding ourselves with such attuned sensitivity, our whole system begins to respond. New understandings and connections begin forming all throughout our system. Links are made throughout our days, sometimes even without our conscious awareness. We have accelerated growth to a new level. And the momentum of understanding, of healing, of growth and of love is in full motion.

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What Do You Need to Begin?


Internet access for this online program

A journal and writing implement

A space of intention to dive in deep

An open heart and willingness to grow

What People Are Saying

“I think this is a wonderful program that so many people are going to gain immense value from. I am at part 4 and I am enjoying the exercises so much. One thing that really stands out to me is how taken care of I feel reading this program. It is as if you (and Conor) are here in the room with me: the words, and love behind them, really leap off the page.”

“I expected that this program would be good, however it has completely blown me away. The journey you take us on is so thorough and profoundly eye-opening. I am excited about all the understanding and healing this is facilitating in my life and will undoubtedly facilitate in the lives of many others.”

“I think this program is so needed. It’s such medicine. Thank you for being you and for doing this work.”

Ready to Heal Your Jealousy?

 Brittany and the other guest collaborators are eager to support you along your journey to healing and growing through deep self-understanding. You are so welcome here. Come join us.

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