A positive approach to sex is so important to us, and that includes our language around it. We had a mini revelation when we first realized how many curse words were actually various names for genitalia or even hinting at bodily functions. Without even realizing it we’ve been using the names of our own body parts in derogatory ways. What?!? It kind of blew our minds.

It’s so interesting for us to reflect on this because it’s a little bit funny and silly, but also we have this feeling that a lot of the habit comes from subtle and constant shame throughout our lives when it comes to our genitalia.

The awareness we have around it feels fun to play around with. We’re not sure if changing our language is necessarily the “right” thing to do and we’re not advocating for a move away from these terms. But one thing we are sure of is that your genitals are not inappropriate and there is nothing wrong with your body!! Let’s all say a resounding “fuck shame” and find more ways to show love to all parts of our bodies. To hear us elaborate more on this topic, check out the video below.