Many have reached out to me, asking me to share about how I feel about … well a number of events and topics over the years. If you are interested, read on.

The reality we experience is a reflection of our internal world. When love, love. When fear, fear. For a decade, I’ve been living with the intention to create from a space of calm, love, peace, and compassion. If I’m feeling anything other than that vibe- if I feel urgency, fear, charged, scared, angry, confused, uncomfortable, disconnected, or not good in any way, I know it’s not a time to create or take action, I know it’s not a time to spread the unwanted vibe I’m experiencing, but rather to purify it. So those are the times I surrender, I allow, I witness the emotions, the thoughts, the body sensations as they move through me. I watch them arise and I watch them pass through me. I allow this natural expression as I notice my 1-year old child does, unattached, present for each moment, allowing it and in that, allowing it to naturally dispel once expressed. There is no agenda. The power of this innate human practice is in the pureness of the expression itself.

We have lost touch with our being’s natural release systems and in that, we have lost touch with our true nature. At the core, we are beings of pure consciousness, of pure light and our energy is love. Anything that contradicts that is not of our true nature, and is trying to come up to be released, not to be resisted and passed on in fear. In many cases, there are traumas acquired from our early life that have been trying to release since we were very young, which we have been blocking out of fear of experiencing the emotional release around ever since. Many people live their entire lives this way, acting out various fear patterns created to avoid the minefield of traumas they have taken on throughout their life, while unconsciously adding to the minefield of others.

Now is an important time. Because right now, we get to choose how we show up. To create a peaceful, loving, fun, inclusive, free outer world for all beings, we must create that internally first. As we do, the external will follow suit. Indeed, this shift has already begun or is now the daily norm for a growing number of conscious beings.

Here are two questions you can ask yourself if you aren’t sure if it’s a good time to create/share with the world/take action:

How am I feeling?
What is the intention behind this?

If it’s a time to create, the answers will be quite obvious, and feel something like:

I am feeling loving, open, expansive, peaceful, excited, understanding, allowing, integrated.
The intention behind this is to share pure love. It’s overflowing from my being and I feel inspired.

If anything else, it is a time to allow whatever is coming up for you to move through you and to recalibrate. It is a time for activities like deep breathing, meditation, walks in nature, journaling, or perhaps a physical activity such as dancing or running. It is a time to allow what is passing through you to keep moving, a time for you to purify your energy field, allowing the temporary uncomfortable emotions to dissolve and for the pulse of love that is always within you to be clear again.

Why do I not speak out against _____ (insert topic here)? Because love is my true human nature. Because being against something means not being loving towards it. Because pushing against what we don’t want just creates more of what we don’t want. When fear, fear. When judgement, when pain, when lack of understanding… and the list is endless.

Love is the reflection that resonates with me. Love is so simple. True love has no opposite. And there is nothing to push against. All are included in love. All matter. All are free. All are connected. All are understood. There is space for all. We all love and we all are loved. It is our true nature, always existing beneath the clutter.

People have asked if there’s something I want to speak out against a number of times. I continue to feel the same, more strongly than ever, which is that I speak, I vibrate, I am here for true love. Unconditional love. A love that is deeper than circumstance. A love joined with deep understanding that dispels conflict, that has space for all beings in our one family of consciousness to be loved exactly as we are, so that we may all continue to evolve and allow our natural progression back to the one source of light from which we were created: love.