Creating Epic Relationships is a program created to help you dive deeper in transforming your relationships, with yourself, your partner(s), and the world. This program is comprised of tools for learning what we have found to be most important elements of creating and developing badass, healthy, unlimited relationships. After over a decade of intentional development of ourselves and the relationships we share with others, especially with our romantic partners, we are eager to have brought our skills and strengths together to create this unique program for you.

This is your unique program, which you can follow on your own, with a partner(s), or with various loved ones. Whether you are interested in monogamy, polyamory, another type of relationship structure, or if you are unsure of your ideal relationship dynamic, this program is for you.

The intention of this program is to guide you through  inspire and delight as we travel together along your unique journey of creating epic relationships. The program is filled with videos, written content, and exercises to guide you along your journey. We feel strongly that if you follow this program, using it to enhance your journey in whatever way you feel is right for you, you will experience life-changing shifts.

This program is split up into the following sections:
I. The Intro
II. Connection & Communication
III. Diving Deeper: Support & Openness
IV. Jealousy & Compersion
V. Safety & Freedom
VI. Appreciation & Celebration

Each of the above sections has:
A main video explaining the topic of the section
A written explanation of the section
2-3 Exercises to guide you through practicing the theories of the section

The program also comes with:
2 Bonus videos
A glossary of terms
Supplementary videos referenced on our public YouTube channel related to the section’s subject matter

Set at the price of 1-2 coaching sessions, the content in this program covers well over what we could cover with you in a dozen sessions. The price is set as intentionally as the content was created. It is an investment in your self that is worth valuing. Feel free to take it at your own pace. For those of you that would like to receive coaching support during your journey with this program, we have set up a package to support you as well.

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