with Conor and Brittany

Coaching with Conor and Brittany

We love coaching individuals and partnerships! We prioritize coaching and work with a small number of dedicated clients at a time. We work in 12-week sessions, where we meet either weekly or biweekly, with regular contact in between.

12 Weeks of Epic Growth Includes 
daily text and email support
weekly or bi-weekly zoom sessions (see below for details)
session follow-ups and recordings
customized tools for you/your partnership
personalized exercises and resources
12 weeks full access to our membership site

Meeting Weekly with Partnerships or Individuals
A total of 12 1-hour sessions, 1 each week
3 sessions together as a group
9 sessions with either Conor or Brittany (You can choose to do these as individual sessions, or as a unit. We have worked with partnerships in all ways, around this).
Investment: $4500

Meeting Bi-Weekly with Partnerships or Individuals
A total of 6 1-hour sessions, 1 every two weeks
2 sessions all together
4 sessions with either Conor or Brittany
Investment: $2400

Want to work with us? Reach out for a free 20-min session!
If working with us together is what you are looking for, email us at with a short paragraph about you (or you and your partner/s) and why you are looking for support. We will be in touch within 48 hours to set up a 20-min session.

If we book an initial session all together, we may ask you to fill out a coaching questionnaire, so feel free to do that in advance if it excites you.

We are also usually available for one-time sessions, depending on our current schedule.
Single sessions are:
$200 for 60 minutes (no follow up email)
$250 for 60 minutes (with follow up email)
Both options include a session recording.

If a single session is what you are looking for, please fill out a coaching questionnaire and email it to us at

Coaching with Conor

Been looking to upgrade your life? Book your free 30-minute session with me today and see if we’re the right fit for 3 months of intensive, whole life coaching. **Serious potential clients only please**

What to expect?
Balance: We will find harmony between rigidity and chaos. Too much of one and you’re off your path. Your success requires balance.

Basics: Your “house” needs order. Focusing on the details of your everyday life, we will build a solid foundation to set your dreams upon.

Badass: We will wake up that Badass living within you. Set on the balanced path, with your basics in tact, it’s time to go big.

Coaching with Brittany

Do you feel inspired to open up to what it means to be your true self? I love diving in deep with clients who are interested in this level of growth, who are willing to look within for answers, who are open to surrendering and releasing old ways of thinking and acting, and believe that now is the time to allow the unfolding of the life they truly desire.

I specialize in the following areas:
Personal Development
Relationships & Jealousy
Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Parenting

Check out my 6 and 12 week programs in the link below and fill out an application. Or, if they resonate with you and you want to connect on a call before beginning, email me at to set up a free 20-minute consultation.

Interested in receiving instant support? We recommend checking out our Creating Epic Relationships program, in it’s new online-updated format. Choose the program + coaching session at checkout for the best discount! If you are struggling with jealousy in particular, we recommend checking out our Healing Jealousy Program.

Elevate Your Relationships

Want to take your relationships to the next level? Check out Creating Epic Relationships, our newly updated program, which you can now follow online! This 6-part-program was created by Conor and Brittany to help individuals and partners thrive.