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I am currently booking sessions beginning in February, 2019 and will not be doing any sessions before that time due to travel, events, and focus on other projects. If you want to get started before then, I recommend checking out my Simplify program or my Creating Epic Relationships program created with Conor McMillen.

Are you interested in taking your life to the next level? Do you want to continue on your path of becoming the most authentic version of yourself? Are you are looking for support in achieving your goals? Do you want guidance on how to move forward in simplifying your life and becoming a healthier, happier individual? Do you feel that it would benefit you to have someone to connect with about your dreams and desires who will hold space for you and help take you to the next step in your epic journey?

I love connecting with others and offering space and tools to help promote growth in whatever unique way you desire.  I offer hour-long coaching sessions, which are geared towards doing just this. If coaching sounds like something you may be interested in, please fill out a coaching questionnaire and email it to me at so I can get to know more about you before we connect.

1-Hour Coaching Session- $85

I offer 30-minute sessions if you just want to talk and have certain questions answered. In this case it is not necessary to fill out the questionnaire. Instead, just email me at with the basics of what you have in mind for our conversation and we can set up a time to connect.

30-Minute Coaching Session- $50

Want to Simplify Your Life?

If you are interested in self-guided coaching, check out Simplify and guide yourself along your own unique journey with the help of this program. Set at the price of one coaching session, the content in this guide covers well over what I could cover with you in a dozen sessions. There are also coaching and email support packages available!

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