Brittany’s Packing List

Minimalist Packing List for a 10-Liter Bag

For all you packing enthusiasts out there like me…

Below is a list of everything I packed for 2 months in Thailand, plus 10 days in California, during December-February. I have included links for some of the items as well. You can also see the full video of me unpacking this all and packing it back up. I hope you enjoy!

Packing List

Tom Bihn Synapse 19
Half-sized double sided packing cube (eagle creek)
Electronics case (bought in Peru)

Waterbottle, 32oz
Sidepouch (like a fanny pack, bought in Costa Rica)
Wallet, Sherpani (fits passport)

Notebook for journaling
Manilla folder, small

MacBook Pro, 13”
Wall Charger
2-1 headphone splitter
Headphones, earbuds
Headphones, bluetooth
Lightening cable to USB adapter
Adapter port for lightening cables with 2 USB, SD reader, lightening ports
Screen cleaner cloth

Phone, iPhone 8+ with life proof case
iPhone charger
iPhone audio jack adapter
iPhone charger (wall port + usb cable)
iphone headphone cable with extra port
External Charger for iPhone + cable
Tripod with phone mount

Knife, plastic
Straw, aluminum

Menstrual Cup
Basal Body Thermometer
Shea Butter
Essential Oil Blend
Soapnuts, Yoreganics
Yorebalm (used as chapstick), Yoreganics
Hair elastics
Nausea wrist bands
Nail clipper

Shoes, Running, Minimalist (Tesla although I also recommend Merrell)
Sandals, Xero Amuri Cloud
Jacket, warm
Jacket, thin, zip up hoodie
Shirt, short sleeve, comfy
Shirt, short sleeve crop top
Tank Top, loose
Tank Tops, 3
Bralette crop top
Sports bra
Leggings, Gymshark “fit” style
Shorts for acrobatics, 2 (made by Caitlin from Duo Die Acrobatics)
Tights, 2 (red and black and fishnets)
Bathing Suit
Socks, acro, toeless, grippy socks
Socks, warm, plant-based (found at REI)
Socks, running + hiking

Reusable stuff sack bag
Athletic tape
Sewing Kit

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