I recently was asked what my favorite mantra is and why. This was my answer.

“Everything is always working out for me.”

This has been a mantra of mine for quite some time now, perhaps close to 8 years, since I really started to believe that I create my own reality, and that I can’t make a wrong turn. I feel like I’m always doing the best I can, with the knowledge and tools I have, with wherever I am in my life. I believe that we all are. And I believe that the universe is on my side, on all our sides, always here to support us. I believe that we all have the power of epic universal creation at our fingertips, and that things are always working out for us. And this has truly been my experience.

I love reminding myself of this regularly, as a part of my daily gratitude and appreciation to be co-creating with the the universe. I also particularly love, and find myself repeating myself this mantra, during times when things feel hard, or like something feels amiss. It feels so normal at this point to know that things are happening FOR me and not TO me. This simple shift alone has radically changed my life.

The mantra also helps remind me that whatever is happening right now must be an important part of the bigger picture, and that even if things feel challenging, they will not feel this way for long, because even in this difficult moment, things are working out for me. It helps me feel the universe supporting me, even in the moments that feel clouded. It helps me feel inspired to keep believing, and to know that everything I do matters and contributes to the journey that I’m on. When I remind myself that things are always working out for me, I stay in a positive, more love-filled space. I share that loving energy with myself and those around me, and feel like I am actively choosing to become the person I truly want to and can be.