How to “Reject” Someone

Question Hey beautiful people! I hope you’re doing well 🌞 I have an important question for y’all. We talk a lot about rejection, fear of being rejected, etc, but today I want to ask you- how do you reject people? I gather there are no fixed phrases and...

How To Have a Non-Ejaculatory Full Body Orgasm

Have you ever wanted to experience the enjoyment of having an orgasm without of ejaculating? Have you ever wondered if you or your partner could experience multiple orgasms? Today we share our tips on how Conor experiences this very thing, and how Brittany...

How to Have a Vaginal, Internal, G-Spot Orgasm

I LOVE having internal orgasms. There is nothing quite satisfying in that same way as cumming, while being penetrated and having my g-spot stimulated. Mostly, I love to do this with Conor, while we are having intercourse, and the head of his penis is hitting my...

Jealousy: How to Get Rid of It?

Jealousy can be one of the most powerful and painful emotions humans experience. Feeling crazy, resentful, insecure, worthless, insignificant and powerless are only a few symptoms that can mean you have been infected with the “green eyed monster.” Therefore, it only...

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