Genitalia Names Used in Derogatory Terms

A positive approach to sex is so important to us, and that includes our language around it. We had a mini revelation when we first realized how many curse words were actually various names for genitalia or even hinting at bodily functions. Without even realizing it...

Toothpaste Recipe

Conor and I are always finding new ways to take our self care routines to new heights. In recent years, we’ve both found a lot of joy in making our own natural products with simple ingredients, finding the process fun and empowering. After playing around with...

Why I Use a Menstrual Cup

I’ve been using a menstrual cup for the last 8 years or so. And I totally love it. But that was not always the case. When I was 19, studying abroad in Costa Rica, there was a girl in my program who was obsessed with her menstrual cup and tried to convince...

Conor and Brittany Interview

Interview for MediaDrum Your full namesBrittany Taylor and Conor McMillen Job titlesWe Healh and Authentic Living Educators, Youtubers, Acrobats, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs.  AgesBrittany – 29 / Conor – 33 From (town and country please): Brittany is from...

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