Want to Learn Acro?

Join Conor and Brittany for their Intro To Acro Beginner’s Series and learn from the experts!

Intro to Acro Beginner’s Series

with Conor and Brittany



Instructional Acro Videos

Get access to the series of instructional videos, which will teach you foundational partner acro moves.


Detailed Instruction

Conor and Brittany guide you through each pose step-by-step, with easy-to-follow instructions and tips.

Fun, Loving Play

Join us with your acro partner and a spotter for some fun, love-filled play to enjoy together.

5-Part Series

This series is split up into 5 main instructional videos, plus an intro, outro and spotting tutorial.

Learn The Foundations

Each video in the 5-part series contains various acro moves that pertain to the style of flying being taught.

For Everyone at All Levels

Learn the foundations of acro, grow alongside a partner or friends, and have a blast doing it. 

A Video Series to Get You Playing

Conor and Brittany are super passionate about acro, also, sometimes referred to as “acroyoga” or partner acrobatics. Like many other areas of their life, they love sharing the practices they find add value to their lives, in hopes that they will contribute positively to the lives of others. Extending far beyond just physical fitness, acro is a growth-enhancing practice, which has been an exciting tool for Conor and Brittany’s relationship, teaching them about trust, communication, cohesion, playfulness, hardwork, syncing up and so much more.

Intro to Acro Beginner's Series

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What You Get

Eight Videos

Clear, Instructive Content

Active and Therapuetic Poses

Strong Guidance

A Solid Foundation of Poses

Topics Covered

Front Flying

Seated Flying

Back Flying



Begin Your Acro Journey!