About Us

Conor McMillen and Brittany Taylor come together to share their love of living unique, authentic lives with one another and with the world through their online videos and in-person events. Choosing not to use labels defining the identity of their relationship or them as individuals, Conor and Brittany love sharing themselves freely as whole individuals in whatever ways excite them, supporting one another along their journeys.

Conor and Brittany share openly about their experiences with topics in alternative relationships, love, sex education and play, compassionate communication, polyamory, authenticity, self-love, and fully body health.

The pair shares a YouTube channelcoaching services, a relationship program, and a partner acrobatics practice. In the warm months they travel the United States, living out of their 19-foot Winnebago RV and internationally for the rest of the year, living out of their 19-liter daypacks.

Conor and Brittany present annually at health festivals such as The Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, USA, the UK Fruit Festival in Tewkesbury, UK, and their own event, Fruit Winter Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they additionally run a 10-day health retreat and a 5-day private immersion. At these events Conor and Brittany lead participants in connecting more deeply with themselves through the use of authentic relating games, movement, healthy eating and more. They offer classes in partner acrobatics as well as talks about authentic relationships at all of these events.

Learn more about their individual lives and businesses here:
Conor: YouTube / Website / Instagram / Facebook
Brittany: YouTube / Website / Instagram / Facebook

To learn more about how Conor and Brittany met and the relationship that has unfolded between them since, check out this video.