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Relationship Support from Conor & Brittany

We are a relationship coaching duo who support people in open relationships and non-monogamy. We help couples and singles heal jealousy and achieve the love and happiness they desire.


Relationship Advice That Works

Learn how to open yourself to possibilities in relationships with lessons you can use today.

A Guide to Open Relationships

This course will guide you through the various stages of opening up your relationship, helping you work through the challenges that arise along the way.

Creating Epic Relationships

Conor and Brittany’s online course will help you to develop a daily practice so that your life can be about more than just getting by.

Healing Jealousy Program

The program is designed to help people identify and deal with negative feelings and behaviour caused by jealousy in relationships.

Relationship Membership & Community Forum

Relationship Membership by Conor & Brittany is a membership site that unlocks the secrets to successful relationships.

Re-imagine Your Relationships.

Learn How to Be Happy in Your Relationships

Are you looking to deepen your connection with your partner(s)? Take a look at the insight-filled online courses we have created for people like you. Discover what’s possible in love and how to explore intimacy with your partner. Begin your journey today using the link below to go to our products and membership page.


“The Healing Jealousy program has been a gift in my life that goes beyond words. The program has been so much more than working with jealousy. It has helped me know myself, my emotions, process more of my history, grow in depth, and understand how to hold space and care for myself on a whole new level. I feel so much more present and connected with myself and the people in my life since taking the Healing Jealousy course…which feels like the most valuable gift.”

“I have been quietly following you wonderful beings for years and just want to say THANK YOU!
The work you do is so inspiring and wonderful and I just want you to know as one soul in lovely Vermont,
it’s a ripple effect. The work you do ripples out to so many and I am grateful for that.”

“I signed up as a member for the raw processing videos and have enjoyed those and so much more! Thanks for sharing your lives.
You and Connor have truly been helping me lately. I’m going through divorce and discovering my soul self and your videos have just been constant assurance that I’m doing the right thing and that a path of peace and love can have bumps and still be okay.”

Conor & Brittany

Conor and Brittany are relationship coaches. They have been helping people discover the joy and freedom of healthy, loving relationships for over a decade. The teachings they offer are about rediscovering the wonder and magic of being alive. Their teachings are about finding our way back to our hearts, and being open to the endless possibilities that exist when we live from that place. In their online courses, you will receive a complete curriculum that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Bring the spark back into your relationship

The internet is filled with relationship advice targeted at people in monogamous relationships. We go beyond what you’ve read before and teach you how to build and maintain relationships in which you and your partner(s) can be happy and fulfilled.

Learn to love and be loved

Learn how to build and maintain relationships and love more deeply. Practical tools and exercises to make your relationships run smoothly.

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