We are currently booking sessions beginning in February, 2019 and will not be doing any sessions before that time due to travel, events, and focus on other projects. If you want to get started before then, we recommend checking out our Creating Epic Relationships program.

Interested in receiving instant support? We recommend checking out our Creating Epic Relationships program, in it’s new online-updated format. Choose the program + coaching session at checkout for the best discount!

Interested in diving in deeper within your relationship or within yourself? We would love to connect with you and/or you and your partner. We will cater our calls to meet your unique needs and provide you with targeted follow up exercises to support you along your ever-unfolding journey. Please fill out this coaching questionnaire (either individually or as a pair), email it to us at, and we will be in touch shortly.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and are done via phone or Skype. 

Single 1-Hour Session- $135

Interested in one-on-one coaching with either Conor or Brittany? Learn more about our individual coaching services on our websites.

Coaching with Conor

Coaching with Brittany

Elevate Your Relationships

Want to take your relationships to the next level? Check out Creating Epic Relationships, our newly updated program, which you can now follow online! This 6-part-program was created by Conor and Brittany to help individuals and partners thrive.

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